Managed Public Cloud Services

We help businesses find the right cloud technology solutions that they need by working closely with them, and designing customized solutions that fit their specific needs.

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Our Services

Our Managed Public Cloud Offerings

Our company provides a comprehensive range of expert services that are specifically designed to help manage and maintain Public Cloud environments. By leveraging our knowledge and expertise in the latest technologies and industry best practices, we are able to offer our clients tailored solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective. Whether it’s managing infrastructure, deploying applications, or optimizing workflows, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ Public Cloud services are always performing at peak levels.

Azure Managed Services

Enhance organization-wide efficiency while prioritizing security with ADOXPRO’S comprehensive Microsoft Azure Managed Services. Our team of Azure-certified cloud experts is dedicated to addressing your specific security and compliance requirements, crafting a robust cloud strategy, and optimizing cloud cost governance.

As a Certified Solutions Partner with over a decade of Microsoft experience, ADOXPRO offers comprehensive Azure consulting and managed services to enterprise and mid-market organizations across the U.S.

AWS Managed Services

Get expert assistance for your organization’s cloud transformation. Work with an experienced and reliable managed partner for AWS to overcome cloud obstacles. With AWS’s advanced cloud capabilities, you can discover new ways of using, monitoring, and controlling environments. ADOXPRO ensures that you stay updated with the ever-changing market while you maximize the value of your AWS investments. With over 8 years of experience, ADOXPRO is a trusted AWS Select Tier MSP that equips its customers with the confidence needed to adopt cloud management and migration.

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  • Understanding of relevant public cloud solutions and services
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